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Yellowstone Recovery provides alcohol and drug treatment to men and women in Orange County, CA.
This year marks our 20th year operating in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. We have helped over 5,000 people get their lives back. We can help you break free from addiction to alcohol, opiates (heroin), cocaine, methamphetamine, designer and prescription drugs.
We accept most PPO Insurance Policies. Call today to find out how we can help you get your life back on track.
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Drug Rehab Orange County CaliforniaCalifornia Rehab Centers
help alcoholics and addicts begin their journey toward recovery. Our “Drug Rehab facility” includes “detox” from Heroin, Alcohol, Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Vicodin, Klonopin, Oxycotin and Xanax. Our drug rehab facilities are located in 7 Beautiful Homes Located in Orange County, California. We help both women and men who want long-term sobriety, based on the 12-step recovery program.

Our Programs, Yellowstone Recovery for Women and California Recovery for men, provide residents with a safe, supportive, clean and sober living environment based on sobriety and a new way of living without drugs or alcohol.

Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Affordable substance abuse treatment programs like ours can and do work. Looking for affordable drug rehab services seems to be a running theme in today’s economy. People are faced with the worst financial problems our country has seen in decades. We are facing these dilemmas and searching for the answers with the hope of finding a good deal and a solution to substance abuse. In this quest to find affordable services there are several questions to ask, especially when looking for an affordable treatment program.

Cost of Drug Rehab

When determining the cost of drug rehab, first ask yourself what you are looking for in a treatment program. There are vital and key elements which make a program successful. Things like individual counseling, group counseling and case management are important. Are these services provided in the cost of the program or are they an extra expense? Will the client be provided with food and transportation? These are expenses which can add up over time and can become quite costly.

yellowstone recovery and california recovery adult drug rehabs orange countySecond find out how affordable the rates for substance abuse treatment truly are. If one program includes one thing but not the other do your homework. Add up an estimated expense list and get a total to see what the extra expenses will be. Look for a program that includes services like individual counseling, group counseling, case management, food and transportation in the cost of their drug rehab program. Finding out what you get for the price of the service is a good idea. Affordable drug rehab programs such as Yellowstone Recovery include these things in their cost and have a high success rate.

Affordability is essential. Often times when people are in this hard place where a loved one is suffering from addiction it not only affects the loved one but over time it wears on the family. The disease of addiction is a family addiction. It tears at the fabric which holds us together. Affordable substance abuse treatment programs should also include help for the families. Addicts are not the only ones who need to recover; families need time to recover and heal too. Yellowstone Recovery is one drug rehab which provides groups solely for the families to recover from the disease of addiction. Next you need to be aware of the value of treatment and of getting sober. The value always far exceeds the cost. The monies you spend on drug rehab are an investment. It is an investment towards a sober life of quality and quantity.

California Rehabilitation Center Testimonial

I can tell you from my experience that affordable substance abuse treatment programs do exist. A few years ago I found myself suffering from substance abuse addiction. I had been using for several years. I wore out my friends and family. I became unemployable. My family had finally stopped giving me the money to support my addiction. I found myself in a car in a parking lot abusing drugs on several occasions. Eventually I was caught by the sheriff’s department. On the way to jail the officer looked me in the eyes and told me to get help. He told me I needed to check myself into a substance abuse treatment program before I got into more severe legal trouble. It was the first time I actually heard the words that people had been saying. A drug rehab program was the only option if I wanted to live.

I found myself in a dilemma. I had been living at my dad’s (on a blow up mattress, mind you) and as I said I had worn out my family. I had no money and no job. I hadn’t been employed in several years. I didn’t have anything saved up or set aside. I was BROKE. I approached my dad and we sat down for a long talk. We hadn’t had one in years. I finally admitted I had a substance abuse problem and I needed help. My dad offered to help me one last time. He had very little monies he could spend. We knew we needed an affordable substance abuse treatment program. And we found Yellowstone Recovery. It took some effort to find Yellowstone Recovery. We did our homework. I looked online and found a list of places with affordable substance abuse treatment programs. I called each one and asked questions. I found out that some places had extra charges I could not afford. Yellowstone told me it included many of the services I was seeking.

I checked myself in, completed my program, and have been sober ever since. I was lucky to have family who supported my recovery but I have noticed over the years that many people suffering from substance abuse addiction do not have the support that I do. Yellowstone Recovery helps out when no one else can. They have a sliding scale for their treatment costs which makes them the leader in affordable substance abuse treatment programs.

Yellowstone Recovery helped save my life. They have worked hard to be one of the most successful and affordable California drug treatment centers. For over a decade they have been helping those who have nothing and nowhere else to go.

The life, lessons, tools, and gifts you receive from getting sober and choosing to be a part of a place like Yellowstone Recovery are far greater and worth more than the dollar amount spent. Today I am able to give back to the program and help others who are in the same dilemma I was once in.

Come Home to RecoveryIf you are seeking a life beyond your expectations you’re on the right track. Remember to look in to what the drug rehab centers offer before choosing. Yellowstone Recovery not only offers help with Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Case Management, Job Seeking Skills, Therapeutic Classes, and food and transportation but they will also help you find a sponsor to guide you on a daily basis. Yellowstone Recovery also helps the family. Families can attended meetings and are given a chance to heal and to understand addiction a little bit better.

So, can you afford to go to a residential treatment program? You can’t afford not to!

*California Treatment Programs is a family of treatment centers for women and men including Yellowstone Recovery a non-profit 501(c)(3) in place for over 17 years and California Recovery.

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