California Treatment Programs

The California Treatment Programs are a family of facilities located in Southern California. Yellowstone Recovery for women and California Recovery for men.

A Stranger In Your Home
If there is a stranger in your home who was once a loving family member, we understand. Addiction destroys loving relationships. Families are torn by guilt. The addiction worsens. If you think a family member may be addicted to drugs are alcohol, call us. Talk to us. We understand.

California Treatment ProgramsThe Solution – Recovery
There is a solution. A solution that offers hope and strength. No longer does your loved one have to live in fear, shame and sorrow. No longer do they have to knock on death’s door. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a path to a better life. Yes, it is a long journey, but one that when traveled honestly bears unimaginable life changing gifts. It is time to get out of the problem and into the solution that is recovery.

California Treatment Programs provide a place to learn, to grow and to mature. We offer a highly structured program. Our programs cover all phases of recovery. We provide all the necessary tools to live and lead a sober life. The California Treatment Programs are not medical facilities. Our Programs are Social Model.

We offer a 90 day treatment program with the option to stay longer. Treatment consists of 3 phases:

  • Phase I    – Detoxification (Detox) – the first 10 days
  • Phase II   – Residential Treatment – days 1-30
  • Phase III  – Transitional Living – days 31-90

After the initial 90 day program Sober Living is available.

Do not hesitate to reach out for help. Pick up the phone and call today. We are here to help you. It will be the most important call you ever make.

Over 5,000 men and women have come to California Recovery.

They Come with no hope, and no apparent escape from the prison of drugs and alcohol.

Our experienced staff are graduates of the program.

All of them began in the same place on their first day sober.

They teach what they have learned, how to stay sober.

Thousand of drug addicted men and women need recovery. We can help.

After 15 years, we have the experience needed.

Our Low Cost Program is $10,000 for 90 days*, compared to $20,000 at other programs providing the same service.

Insurance & Payment Plans are both available.

California Treatment Programs (888) 941-9048

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