Intake and Admissions

The Yellowstone Intake and Admissions staff can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The Intake and Admissions staff is here to answer questions about our program and help prepare you for what to expect while with us. The Intake and Admissions staff can also help set up financial arrangements for the families of clients coming in. Additionally our Intake staff can help answer any questions you have about insurance eligibility and run current PPO policies to determine how we can help you reduce the costs associated with admission to treatment.

7AM – 8PM (888) 678-9499 or (949) 574-5866.

8PM – 7AM (949) 678-0761


Administration & Client Information

The Yellowstone Main Offices can be reached 7 days a week between the hours of 7AM and 8PM. After 8pm messages can be left and the Main Office staff will return calls the following morning. Please Call the Main office for any non-admission needs.

Mail for clients is accepted and distributed through our Main Office only. All mail is opened by residents in the presence of Yellowstone staff. Please do not  send items that contain alcohol as they will be confiscated. All money that comes in the mail will be collected by the clients house manager and $20 will be distributed per week as spending money. If you have any questions about items clients are allowed to receive please contact our Main Office staff.

Main Office Number: (888) 941-9048 or (949) 646-4494

Main Office Fax: (949) 646-5296

Main Office Address: 154 East Bay Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (please address all mail to: Yellowstone, C/O: clients name. The Post office has returned mail not addressed as such in the past.)


Location and Directions

The Yellowstone Main Office and Intake and Admissions Office are located on East Side Costa Mesa in Orange County, CA. Our Client Residences are Located throughout East Side Costa Mesa and Santa Ana Heights in Newport Beach. Due to HIPAA regulations the address of client residences are confidential. A map & directions to our main offices are located below. If you have any questions about finding us please call (888) 941-9048.