Our Rehab Programs

The first phase of our rehab programs is Detoxification. At this level we provide clients a safe and comfortable place to go through the stages of withdrawal. Many people suffering from addiction desperately wish to get sober but they are afraid of going through detox. In our rehab programs we walk through the process together with 24 hour monitoring by staff and constant support of other clients. This is otherwise know as social model recovery and is the basis for all of our programs.

Residential treatment is the second phase in our rehab programs. Clients will transition to this stage from detox and remain here until they have completed 90 days. The first 30 days of residential treatment consists of intensive group and individual therapy where tools will be presented for maintaining sobriety. After 30 days clients in our rehab programs will be allowed to begin job search. They will look for a get well job (not a career position) where they will be expected to suit up and show up daily. This job is meant to be low stress so the client can slowly re-enter society and begin to become self supporting.

Sober living is the third and final stage of our programs. Clients who have completed 90 days of detox/residential treatment can move into one of our sober living homes. Here clients will live life on life’s terms. Each night they will return home to a safe, stable and sober environment. Clients can stay in this phase as long as they feel the support from the sober living is necessary. Phase 3 has an optional aspect of outpatient treatment.

  • Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment serves as the optional aspect of the third phase of our programs. Clients in sober living that feel they need extra support can attend groups 3 nights per week. These groups are primarily process groups as educational groups were provided during residential treatment. During these groups they will meet with a certified counselor and other clients in the same stage of recovery. Clients will discuss problems they have had since their last meeting and develop tools to work through these issues (and others) should they arise in the future. Sober living is the practical applications of what has been learned in residential treatment and outpatient treatment is the theoretical work on facing further problems in daily life.

Our rehab programs offer support groups each Sunday for the families of our past, present and future clients. These groups are truly and introduction to AlAnon, a 12-step program for the loved ones of an alcoholic or addict. Alcoholism is a family disease and things we think are helping a client are actually hurting them by enabling them to continue using. Through these groups family members will learn to say no and build a defense against the manipulations of the loved one who is drinking and using. They learn that to truly get their loved one back they have to support their recovery. We help the family build a contract for clients returning home. These contracts include requirements on the newly sober family member which can include: meetings, work with a sponsor, curfews and employment. Even after the client has left our program families continue to be welcome at these groups to help the families of new clients.

  • Court Orders

There is a correlation between crime and drug use. Almost 70% of crimes are committed while the offender is under the influence of some substance (Bureau of Justice Statistics). The problem with today’s legal system is they only look at the crime and not the cause behind it. This leaves thousands of people who need help with addiction behind bars. They do not learn to overcome their substance abuse issues. This is where our rehab programs come in. We fight to keep alcoholics and addicts out of jail and get them into recovery. We help stop the cycle of addiction that will lead to further crime if untreated. Our Court liaison will help you get an alternative sentence for recovery instead of incarceration so you can once again become the productive member of society you were meant to be.