Residential treatment (Phase II) provides a safe place for men and women new in recovery. Our women’s program was established 15 years ago to provide a safe haven for women looking to start a sober life. Our program for men has been helping men break free of a life of drugs and alcohol for over 10 years.

Residential treatment at California Recovery is 12-step driven. We emphasize sponsorship and fellowship in recovery from alcohol and drugs. Sobriety requires the help of others, it is an “I” illness with a “We” solution. The structured environment of our program helps build an edified view of morals and values.

The day starts off with morning meditation in each house then breakfast and chores. Then all the houses come together at our main facility. Here they have 4-5 groups and lunch. Phase II of our program includes group counseling, process groups, relapse prevention and 12-step meetings. Each resident will also have at least 2 individual counseling sessions per week. All residents are encouraged to have additional individual counseling sessions when they or the counselor feel it is necessary.

Following the completion of the Phase II groups each day, the residents return home. They are allotted a few hours to relax, fellowship and make & eat dinner before attending an outside meeting. The outside meetings are 12 step and recovery based. Transportation and supervision are provided for all off-site activities. Residents are encouraged to participate in their outside meetings and to get a 12 step sponsor. After the meeting the residents return home to discuss their day with their house manager and fellow residents.

On Saturdays the men and women have separate morning groups. They then have a free day to reflect on what they have learned throughout the week. Members from other houses in the program as well as alumni of the program come to fellowship with the newer residents and help them with anything they might need. This is the best day for residents to meet with their sponsors and learn about themselves and further their sobriety. On Saturday evening all residents once again go to an outside meeting and then return home for free time before curfew.

On Sunday mornings all residents attend softball practice from 9-11 am. They are required to attend. They have the option to play if they would like to. After practice residents return home to shower and clean up before attending the Park Avenue Speaker Meeting that begins at 2:00 pm. After the meeting residents who are out of their “blackout” period are allowed family visits. The first visit starts a “pass progression” where residents who continue to do well in the program gain access to longer passes. Residents who are not out on pass attend the weekly softball game to show their support for the Yellowstone team. After the game residents return to their homes and are allowed free time to prepare for the upcoming week.