Sober living at the California Treatment Programs was opened as a result of people completing our program. Many asked to stay with us to strengthen their foundation to give them a better chance at long term sobriety. They were now considered alumni of the program and although they had gotten their feet wet in the real world they were not ready to take it on full force. They wished to reside in a safe place as they continued to grow in sobriety.

We know that 90 days of treatment is not enough time to break free from the old ideas and lifestyle. After using for years it takes more than a detox period and a 90 day program to get your life back. This “gray” period requires a safe, structured and sober environment to continue to progress.

They have now made the jump to one of our sober living homes. These homes have no manager. The residents are responsible only to themselves and their housemates. Although there is no manager in these homes there is a live in staff member to enforce curfew and randomly drug test. These homes have very few rules other than staying sober. The residents go to work, attend meetings and begin to live their lives again. They are also expected to work with newcomers in one of our detox houses.

Many residents find the time they spend in sober living indispensable, in order to obtain and maintain long-term sobriety. Our sober living homes give them the strength and structure needed to live long, happy and sober lives. They are invited to stay as long as they need to get back on their feet, solidify a foundation, and prepare themselves for life on life’s terms.