About The California Treatment Programs

California Treatment Programs is a family of treatment centers for women and men, which includes Yellowstone, a non-profit (501-C3) that’s been in place for almost 17 years, and California recovery, our men’s program, which has been functioning for almost fifteen years.

yellowstone recovery a california drug rehab center, treatment programs located in californiaOur recovery centers provide the alcoholic/addict a safe place to begin their journey through recovery.  We are a springboard for assisting them to live a life that is free of chaos, nightmarish realities and the empty feelings of perpetual failure.  For many people, our drug and alcohol treatment centers are the last house on the block. In spite of the alcoholics repeated failures, we provide a catalyst for success. Built upon the concept of one alcoholic helping another. We offer a variety of complete treatment solutions, beginning with detox, residential treatment, out-patient, anger management and long-term sober with other addicts trying to accomplish a successful new way of living drug and alcohol free.

Our Treatment Programs

Yellowstone, our women’s recovery program, has helped over 5,000 women find an open door to recovery, and is one of the most successful California drug rehab centers.  At first women could only stay 10 days, but after seeing the relapse rate associated with short term care, it was clear the program had to be expanded to at least 30 days.  As a result of this extension in treatment, we found that women began to stay sober longer.  Even though the success rate greatly increased with treatment extended to 30 days, we weren’t willing to accept those results.  We found that with ninety days of residential treatment, our women had a success rate of over 50% staying sober long term.  With an intensive daily drug and alcohol treatment program, women were staying sober in greater numbers and many were celebrating one year birthdays. The next year, 17 Yellowstone women celebrated sober birthdays in one month.  Clearly, 90 days of intensive drug treatment was the answer.

California Recovery, our men’s program, began in 2000 with a large house in Santa Ana filled with men who were given early release from prison or jail. They began to get sober, but only sober living was available to them.  As the number of men in our program grew from 15 to 30, another house was needed to assist and rehabilitate drug offenders, and our first California rehab center was opened for our men’s program.  Instead of just offering sober living in Orange County, we now offered residential treatment for the 45 men in our program as well. We provided treatment and housing for them in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa.  Men came to us from all over the country, including New York, Hawaii and Alaska. Addiction and alcoholism was the same problem they all shared. Some of our men come from families able to spend large amounts of money for treatment, others have very little but they understand the value of treatment now vs. expensive consequences later.  California Recovery offers payment plans for even the most difficult financial problems.  They offer matching funds as well.  After 30 days, some residents earn scholarships for the rest of their program.

What Sets Our Treatment Programs Apart

Our treatments centers assist the alcoholic and drug addict through 12 step recovery.  The program of Alcoholics Anonymous began over 75 years ago, with one alcoholic helping another.  The first founders had to go to hospitals and insane asylums to find alcoholics to help. Today they are much more visible. Drug rehab programs in California have made 12 step recovery solutions in programs throughout Southern California, and the programs are seen as a foundation for recovery. An intense daily program based on the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous, structured meetings and assignments with a counselor are the backbone of the California Treatment Programs.  Helping others who are new to the program helps demonstrate that the program is working.

Our men’s and women’s facilities are at the heart of sobriety in Southern California.  Women and men alike come from long distances to get sober here, not just because of the sun and glorious weather, but because of the increasingly large number of addicts and alcoholics getting sober here in Orange County California.  Our programs have proven to be highly successful over the last 17 years.

Our programs are family driven.  All of our staff are graduates of the program, and many of the residents who graduate also refer friends or family members struggling with the disease of alcoholism/addiction. California Treatment Programs has a large alumni group, another extension of the family, and they schedule events all year long, including conventions and retreats.  Sundays are family days, and while residents attend their regular afternoon meeting, an Al-Anon meeting is held for the family of our residents to get them more familiar with the disease of alcoholism and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. They come to understand that this is a family disease, and that there is help for the whole family in recovery.

drug and alcohol treatment success

Alumni at our 2014 fundraiser representing 1 to 15 years of sobriety.

The results of the foundations our programs have built is apparent and visible everywhere.  More and more sober women and men are attending outside meetings and becoming active members of society.  Increasing numbers of our graduates are visible working in nearby shops, boutiques and markets. The “get well” job is a sign of recovery, the willingness to work anywhere as a sign of good sobriety, the willingness to take direction, and to make a work commitment and keep it.

Our rehabilitation facilities help develop a sober community. Everyone wants to live in a sober community, free of constant conflict, chaos from outrageous neighbors, and the constraint that active alcoholism and addiction puts on our way of living.  As more people learn to live sober and move back out into the world, whole neighborhoods benefit. Good neighbors are hard to find, and sober neighbors are the best neighbors.

Both our men’s and women’s programs have an ever increasing reputation with courts and the community.  The average age of people getting arrested and going to jail for drug and alcohol related crimes keeps getting younger and younger. Yellowstone helps keep these young men and women out of jail and prison by working with the courts to offer alternative sentencing programs instead of incarceration.  It is unquestionable that treatment, not jail is the solution.  Judges recognize the value of programs such as Yellowstone and California Recovery to provide new beginnings instead of the old repeated behaviors that ultimately lead to jails, institutions or death.

Just recently we have opened a new outpatient treatment facility serving coastal orange county. We are excited to be able to add another level of care for our past, present and future clients!

Finally, recovery is the answer for the alcoholic, the addict, the addict’s family and the community. No one argues the importance of sober behavior as opposed to the rather raucous, uncivilized behavior of the drunk or drug addict. However, many people believe these bad behaviors are the result of bad character rather than a disease which can be treated.  Treatment of both the disease and the behavior is the primary role of Yellowstone Recovery for women and of California Recovery for men.