Our low cost alcohol treatment center provides alcoholics and other addicts with a great start as they embark on their own personal journey down the road to recovery. Our plan is to help boost them up into a life that is free of chaos, endless temptations, and the emptiness brought on by feelings of perpetual failure.

Beginning on a foundation of fellowship and trust built by allowing addicts to help each other, we offer a variety of complete treatment solutions, including detox, residential treatment, out-patient treatment, anger management, and long-term sober strategies.

Finding the Right Alcohol Treatment Center in Costa Mesa

California Treatment Programs manages two different alcohol treatment centers. If you want to begin your sober life in the presence of people facing the same problems as you, take a moment to find out about the facilities and programs that we can offer:

  • Yellowstone – Our women’s recovery program has helped over five thousand women find the path to recovery, making it one of the most successful alcohol treatment centers in California.
  • California Recovery – Our men’s program began in 2000 with a large house in Santa Ana filled with men who were given early release from prison or jail. As the number of men in the program grew, so did the need for a larger, more permanent facility.

What Sets Our Alcohol Rehab Center Apart

We take pride in the idea that our alcohol treatment centers for men and women are the soul of sober living in Southern California. Although Southern California has long been a destination for tourists, men and women from all over the country have made their way to Orange County to find peace and sobriety. Our programs are based in friendship, fellowship, and detox, all in the comfort and warmth of the California sunshine.