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The California Treatment Programs alcohol treatment centers in Los Angeles have been in operation for over 15 years, providing a safe road to recovery for women and men addicted to drugs and alcohol. Our mission is to lead patients out of the painful downward spiral of addiction and feelings of failure. California Recovery, the men’s program, has been successfully helping men through recovery since opening in 2000. Yellowstone Recovery, a women’s program, has assisted over 5,000 women through the recovery process. The foundation of all our approaches is one alcoholic helping another.

Treatment Programs

Our Los Angeles alcohol treatment centers offer a variety of related treatments, from initial detox, through out-patient, anger management, residential, and long-term sober treatment programs. The men’s program, California Recovery, expanded from its initial sober living for 15 men to a second house for rehabilitating drug offenders, with residential treatment for 45 men. It has attracted participants from across the country in need of drug and alcohol rehab center services. We know that the cost of services may be easy for some families to cover, while those in difficult financial circumstances may find it challenging. That’s why we offer a range of payment plans, and, in some cases, matching funds. In fact, residents are eligible to earn scholarships after 30 days of treatment, in order to continue with the full 90-day program.

What Makes the Difference at California Treatment Programs

Structured around the 12-step recovery program, our alcohol treatment centers in California use the approach begun by Alcoholics Anonymous over 75 years ago and outlined in the “big book.” The process is built around a counselor, and daily anonymous structured meetings and assignments. As participants progress through recovery, they can, in turn, help others who are new to the program.

Family is at the core of all programs. Every staff member is a graduate of the program, and many participants have been referred by friends or family members who are past graduates of the centers. Our large and growing alumni group is an important part of the California Treatment Programs’ extended family, with scheduled events and retreats. On Sundays, family days include regular afternoon meetings for residents, while family members attend an Al-Anon meeting to learn more about the AA program and the disease of alcoholism, which is truly a family disease.

alcohol treatment center Los Angeles

Program Results and Benefits

An ever-increasing number of our graduates are having a positive influence in their communities, spreading the benefits of sober living. Many participate in outside meetings, find and keep jobs in their communities, and fulfill their commitments to maintaining a healthy, sober life. Our graduates help build sober neighborhoods, where good neighbors are found.

We’re proud of the role we play with the courts, accepting young men and women for alternative sentencing in place of or following incarceration. In the knowledge that the addict’s bad behavior is the result of disease, not bad character, our ultimate goal is recovery and sobriety for the long term.