At California Treatment Programs, our family of alcohol rehab centers work together to provide an environment that encourages healing, detox, and sobriety strategies that will last. With housing and treatment centers located throughout Santa Ana Heights in Newport Beach, we’re proud to say that we open our doors to anyone who is willing to transition into a healthy, sober life.

Newport Beach

By fostering an environment that allows addicts to help each other, we have found a powerful solution to the loneliness and perpetual despair often brought about by addiction to drugs or alcohol. We know that the best way for you to find your way through life sober is to rely on people who are going through the same struggles you are, so we promote togetherness between our communities to build bridges of friendship that will often last a lifetime.

Finding low cost alcohol treatment in Newport Beach

California Treatment Programs owns two alcohol treatment centers in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, and together they have treated thousands of people since 2000. These two programs, Yellowstone Recovery and California Recovery, are gender exclusive in order to give patients the opportunity to heal privately among members of their own sex. However, larger co-ed activities are available for those that prefer to heal in that type of environment.

If you want to discover a place to find peace in a sober lifestyle, the programs listed below are a great start:

  • California Recovery – Beginning in 2000 with a large group of men given early release from jail or prison, this men’s treatment center grew from a humble start and required a more permanent facility once it gained a reputation for recovery.
  • Yellowstone Recovery – This women’s program has aided over 5,000 women in their fight against addiction throughout the years, which makes it one of the most successful low cost rehab centers in California.

To find out more about the rehab programs and facilities offered by California Treatment Programs, call us at (888) 941-9048, and we’ll work together to find a healthy solution for your future.

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