California Treatment Programs is made up of multiple drug and alcohol treatment centers located throughout Orange County. Our residence homes provide a safe, welcoming place for alcoholics/addicts to start the difficult recovery process, based on the 12-step system of one alcoholic helping the next.

alcohol treatment centers

Beginning with detox, and continuing through a customized combination of residential and out-patient treatment, anger management, and finally long-term sober programs, each client is supported by sharing the experience with other addicts who want to achieve a life that is free of alcohol and drugs. Our treatment programs address the full range of needs for those looking to leave behind the pain of a chaotic, empty life that feels like a series of failures.

Help for the Whole Family

During 17 years of operation, the Yellowstone Recovery Center, offering drug and alcohol treatment in Orange County for women, and California Recovery treatment for men, have helped thousands of individuals and their families to achieve clean and sober living. Knowing that the addict’s family is affected by the disease of addiction, our programs include a component that involves family members in the treatment process. A growing extended family of alumni return and remain part of our program, helping others to reach and maintain their goals of complete recovery. It all starts with the rehabilitation offered in our homes, each one located less than 2 miles from Orange County’s beautiful beaches.

California Treatment Programs

Contact the California Treatment Programs to find help at last and start the road back to a healthy, chaos-free lifestyle. Ask about our payment plans, including most PPO insurance and financing options. Call us today at (888) 941-9048.