California Treatment Programs is your online resource to help you narrow down your options among alcohol treatment centers in California. We consist of two programs, Yellowstone Recovery and California Recovery, which have served the Southern California community for nearly twenty years from our tranquil Orange County locations within two miles of the beach.


You Are Part of Our Community

Your sobriety and well-being are the top priorities of our expert team of counselors, mentors, and staff. With our continual success implementing the 12-step program, we extend our knowledge and unwavering support as the go-to alcohol treatment center for Santa Monica residents down to the San Diego community and across the country—you are all a part of our community and we are here to serve your rehabilitation needs.

What We Offer

You are an individual, with your own circumstances and background that have led you to seek treatment. We understand the need for individual care at an affordable rate and have a number of programs tailored to our clients’ needs.

Detoxification – The stages of withdrawal can be a powerful deterrent to an individual struggling to get clean. We offer 24-hour monitoring by a trained staff that provides a safe, comfortable place to detox.

Residential Treatment – Our residential treatment is a 90-day program in which our clients focus on attending intensive group and individual therapy, and after 30 days, begin to job search. By committing to a low-stress, part-time job, clients can start the process of re-entering society as a sober individual.

Sober Living – After the 90 days in residential treatment, our clients have the option to move into one of our safe, clean sober living homes. This is a stable, sober environment clients return to every night to maintain the sense of being a part of a supportive community. For our clients who feel more comfortable with extra support, we provide outpatient treatment, consisting of three nights of group meetings per week.

Want to know more about how we support our neighboring Santa Monica clients at our alcohol treatment centers in Orange County? Please call us today at 1-888-941-9048.