Yellowstone Alumni Testimonials


Yellowstone gave me the break I needed most. I needed to stop the unbreakable addiction that had consumed my life for too many years. I had lost all hope; two brothers were dead from the disease. I believed I was going to die. I had nowhere to turn except for the sober people at Yellowstone. They nurtured me through detox, helping me everyday. I did not have to drink; they gave me a safe environment and many sober leaders until I was able to become a leader myself. I had learned the 12 steps, so simply outlined by those who came before me and now I am able to share that experience and help others. Before I arrived at Yellowstone, alcohol and drugs had become so consuming for me I was unable to function is any normal environment. Yellowstone showed me a way to treat my alcoholism one day at a time. These were the hardest and easiest days of my life. ~JM

I found myself at Yellowstone as a stop between the program I was in and a mental institution. I soon learned something that I never learned in any other program I was in, I am an alcoholic. I had no hope of a normal life if I continued on as I had been. Things started to get better I didn’t end up going to the mental institution. Today I not only have a life but a plan for living. After a decade with various psychiatrists not being able to help me I found the answers at Yellowstone. I am now a grateful person. I have hope and determination to stay sober and live a full life. I can get to work each day, on time. I can sleep restfully at night. I have serenity. The staff here is willing to listen and help me and I am finally willing to accept someones help. I was aimless; I now have hope. ~CS

I was a client at Yellowstone for 9 months. I came in after struggling for 22 years with alcohol and drug addiction problems. My time there allowed me to grow spiritually, mentally and physically. I was able to build a foundation for a sober life. I now have over 2 years clean and sober. I have peace of mind which is priceless. The support system at Yellowstone and my sober sisters are wonderful. We laugh, joke and remain sober on a daily basis. I know now that when I have a bad day I have people I can turn to that understand me. I have feelings today and most importantly I have regained my soul. ~SF

The first time I came to Yellowstone I wasn’t interested in anything. I had given up on hope of a better life. As a result when I left Yellowstone I relapsed and went back to alcohol and pills. Then one of the Yellowstone staff found me in a psychiatric hospital, where all I wanted to do was die. She persuaded me to call Yellowstone and to my surprise they allowed me to come back. After 35 days of sobriety I woke up. I began to help some of the new guys; this was when my life changed. It is still changing. As a sober man today (I now have 2 years) I help other men who have given up hope as I did. I wonder if they will have as great a life as I do today. I don’t know but I do know what would have happened had I passed on Yellowstone’s gift to me. Everyday I wake up happy with who I am. This is the gift: I bring a message like the one that was brought to me. ~RB

Every morning I am able to wake up sober and I thanks God that he gave me the opportunity to go to Yellowstone. I was surrounded by the program and given the opportunity to put my life in the hands of this awesome support system. I was given the opportunity to really learn what it means to be a strong and sober woman. I learned what is required to live sober and build a new life. I see new women in the program thriving on a daily basis as I return to share what I have learned. Miracles do happen. ~SM

I feel that all roads have led me to Yellowstone. I have wasted so much of my life using drugs and alcohol, spending time in prison, hospitals and programs that didn’t work. I have finally hound a program that works and a new family. Although I have picked up various life skills nothing compares to what I have learned about myself from going through Yellowstone’s Program. This is not only a sanctuary from my old way of life but gives me direction and purpose to continue living. As my mind heals my thoughts are being conditioned through groups, meetings and counseling. I am able to see the world in a whole new light. I am able to see my part in things and my place in the world. I am forever grateful to Yellowstone. ~BH

Freedom is precious and something most of us take for granted. I let alcohol and drugs steal my life through incarceration until I finally experienced rehab at Yellowstone. My pride kept getting in the way and I could not totally surrender until I learned about my disease. At Yellowstone, through structure and therapy, I learned ‘why’ I did the things I did and learned about the toll it took on not only myself but on my family. Today there are people I call friends; people I care about and who care about what happens in my life. I wasted so many years incarcerated because I had never learned the tools needed to stay sober. Yellowstone gave me those tools and now I have freedom in which to live life in the manner that God intended. Thank you Yellowstone! ~PM

I originally found Yellowstone through a friend who is an interventionist. Their program put me on a vigorous course of action. They taught me how to live life on life’s term. I was given an Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book which laid before me a design for living. Yellowstone gave me the structure and discipline needed to become a sober woman. The foundation I have built here is strong. Yellowstone is truly my safe place and my home. The staff and counselors have taught me to live again. I am also grateful for the family Yellowstone has given me. The tools and resources freely given to me are an incredible gift that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Now I can honestly say my worst day sober is better than my best day using. Any day sober is a good day. ~AL